How do I list items on vendor so that price is correct

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How do I list items on vendor so that price is correct

Post by lastevns » Sat Oct 27, 2018 6:56 pm

Hi all,

I'm new here and hope you can help solve an issue I've had no luck in solving so far.

As a new player I have a new home and I want to have a vendor that will sell items I gather in my adventures. I know how to drop items into the vendor's backpack. I get the prompt asking me to type a description and price. I usually just type the dollar sign followed by the price. The item, itself, already has a description. Unfortunately, when I drop the item into the backpack, it also has a price already attached. That price is usually VERY low. I want to set a higher price yet what gets listed in the Vendor Search is the low price, first. Then if you roll over the item, it lists my higher price. But I feel I'm bringing people to my vendor thinking, for example, that they're going to get a Large Pumpkin Deed for $4. Yet I'm actually asking (or trying to ask) $10k for it (others are asking $50k).

So, how do I put items on a vendor and list ONLY the higher price I want to assign to the item so that it appears correctly in the vendor search?
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