Members that no longer Play UO, please read!

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Members that no longer Play UO, please read!

Post by AtlanticRealtor » Tue Apr 23, 2019 8:18 am

Hello All!

With so many people quitting UO everyday, most of them dont even know that instead of just close your account and leave everything behind, you can actual find a new owner for your account and have some sort of $$$ back to you!

so If you are one of those that may decide to farewell out of UO for good and want to discuss the future of your old account and goodies, pls contact me via DISCO AR#0313 or ICQ 647752375 or PM me or even email me

for those that need to purchase some game time codes direct from origin and pay in gold for, pls contact me!

30 Days Game Time Codes from Origin are 125M gold
180 days are only 500M

Atlantic Realtor
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