Rare's Fest Details Final

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Rare's Fest Details Final

Post by Tanda Knighthawke » Sat Apr 21, 2012 11:58 pm

Hi all,
Rare's Fest Final update. I've been trying to update the other post as I can, so here is what I can tell you.

Lineman regrettably, but not entirely unexpectedly is not available, I wasn't able to provide enough notice to. I am in contact with Shu Shu and you can all look for a post by him later this evening US time. (Sorry I'm old enough unknown gender was male when I went to school) We are trying to nail this down for Silent Auction, will be speaking with him at a more convenient time his time zone.

1. EM gates should go up Wednesday the 25th.
2. Vendor set up begins Thursday the 26th
A. Vendor deeds are in place and provided, no rental fees being charged by Majestic Oaks Auction at this point we're still holding the 1 vendor per person and currently at 50 requests.
B. Those who are on the list will see a number by their name this is because I've already had a couple questions about who will be awarded "front row" vendor spots, and I am working on a "fair" means to award those spots.
C. Also if there is an * next to your name I have you in ICQ, this is especially important if you are selling at live auction too! Please put a book in your vendor with something that identifies you so in the event a vendor were to fall we have some means of attempting to return items and gold to their rightful owner.
D. Books will also be provided to lock down at your vendors feet so that inquiries can be made easier.
3. Submit Kits are up on 5 vendors at the auction house, I will begin accepting submissions for live auction later this evening (real life permitting)
A. Submissions the kit is simply a bag and npc book (your free to supply your own if you wish) I have dyed them all the same color to aid in making Rare's fest items easily identifiable at a glance in our auction house for staff.
B. In the book INCLUDE the character name you will be doing business with us ON, your icq info, email and or password. Description of the item PLEASE include any necessary warnings! (Such as it rapidly decays, it's edible, DO NOT OPEN or EQUIP) Also any known history or info would be lovely. Many times being able to tell the bidders how old something is etc helps!
C. Auction staff will all have timered, EM clothing all matching uniforms, and be wearing the Majestic Oaks Auction guild tag. We will do dilligence to insure safety, verify before payment/transfers, PLEASE if you are unsure take whatever steps you need to to verify the person is where they should be. NO MOA staffer shall take a submit, make a payment or transfer merchandise OUTSIDE of the Auction house PIT. The exception to that is that we will transfer gold to your vendor for sales but that process will be initiated inside the auction house. There should be no hassles from staff if your requesting verification and please do NOT take offense when we do the same.

4. This is related to Submissions, but lengthy so it will get its own paragraph
Pricing for auction: Majestic Oaks Auction is a live event, and a little odd in our customary procedure to most. I wish to clarify so all know where it stands.
Most of you are using terms of "minimum bid", "reserve bids" and "buy out". My understanding is "minimum bid" the starting bid are the same term and Reserve is the minimum amount you will sell at, and buy out is ?? basically the same or buy out is some number above reserve which you invision being the real value?

MOA begins bidding at your reserve, the minimum amount you will accept for this item. While I know this means some items will have crazy high starting prices and as such will probably result in some NO SALE items, it insures the seller doesn't "lose" gold or any more gold than they are willing to risk. If your item meets minimum bid and goes no higher we will sell it, and upon payment transfer the item to the new owner.

Once the item hits the auction block, UNLESS it is quetionable for legality of ownership or it is rumored to be otherwise of questionable origin (a dupe or exploit not worthy of a bid) a sale will be attempted if completed the item will transfer to the winning bidder. IF you wish to pull an item from auction please contact staff via icq ASAP we will remove it from site prior to auction NOT during.

Submission Deadline is 10 pm. central time May the 2nd (Wednesday) This deadline is to allow staff to log all items, their seller, the minimum bids into our data base. There will also be a list npc book version in game of the items intended to sell on Thursday May 3rd, Saturday May 5th and Sunday May 6th. Last minute submission MAY or MAY NOT be possible depending on volume.

5. Majestic Oaks Auction has a long and valued reputation, the auction house has done live auctions weekly (for years 2x a week) on Great Lakes for more than 10 years. We also ran auction on Lake Superior and Europa for a time.
Basic rules of auction for us:
A. Auctioneer's Journal is LAW (so make sure your text color is one that can be seen in your journal clearly)
B. False bidding (Is a bannable offense from the auction house, please keep all chatter in ventrilo, team speak, guild chat or party) IF you have marcos set on your character that will display numbers please IF at all possible shut them off, if a spell please bag your spellbook inside your pack to eliminate the possible conflicts.
C. Please pay for the items you've won promptly, there will be multiple vendors set up a couple for the 2 cashiers on duty so you can utilize this and NOT have to bag checks manually. We do run a vent server and are conversing while we run auction so if the cashier is concerned about a payment we will adjust accordingly.
D. Raises in Bids will be set by the auctioneer, obviously no one wants to sit through a multi million gold bidding war over an item 1k at a time.
E. Please understand while many or most of you will have my icq number or other staffers it may NOT get an immediate response in icq, if it is something that requires an immediate response in game you may see it there first.
F. We do encourage folks to keep profanity to a minimum, if your comments in game are obscene, offensive and repetitive you will be removed. (Emotions can run high, we will be tolerant to a degree)

6. What happens when auction is over?
The cashier/s begins the "auction closing process" each item we sell has a lot number, each lot number gives us a location and information on who the seller is. The recorded sale price and the buyers info will be entered into the data base, all monies will be paired up with the seller's book. Gold will be either transferred to a vendor or bagged for payout. Most all Thursdays sales should be paid out either later that night (maybe early a.m.) or on Friday.
Same will go for Saturday and Sunday, and I have reserved Monday as a hold over and will work with anyone that contacts me to work out what is most convenient. We do endeavor to keep very precise records of what comes into the auction house, who brought it, who bought it and what gold or items have to move between which players. For this reason PLEASE SELLERS always come on the SAME character you used to fill out the submit books. PLEASE come able to be added to party or talk in icq, as we try not to broadcast info all about game. PLEASE be ready with your password to be shared privately NOT in game.
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Re: Rare's Fest Details Final

Post by robertnunez » Sat Jun 23, 2018 1:08 pm

Thanks a lot for the important notification! I think that these rules are necessary to abide by!
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