Unveiling of Heaven's Gate (Updated)

The sleepy hamlet just outside Skara Brae. (NOTE: WW is defunct, forum kept for historical purposes)
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Unveiling of Heaven's Gate (Updated)

Post by Lord DaKaren » Thu Jan 06, 2011 3:14 pm

From the Whispering Winds Town Herald, Melody Windglade:

Location: Jollier Fairgrounds (Tram)
Day: Saturday, Jan 8th 2011
Time: 8:00pm CST

Hear ye, Hear ye,

The Towne of Whispering Winds invites you to a night of adventure, festivities and merriment at the Jollier Fairgrounds (Tram) located east of the Skara Brae and north of the Town of Whispering Winds. The Festival is being held to commemorate the creation of the world’s first intershardal portal, Heaven’s Gate!

The night will begin with a dangerous mission as citizens, willing to risk life and limb, join the Magincian Crusade against the armies of the vile demon, Virtue Bane. Gates will open from the fairgrounds to the Sosarian Library to meet the main force of crusaders.

When the Magincian Crusade draws to its conclusion, the participants will return to the fairgrounds for a grand feast in their honor. The feast will consist of the finest foods from around Britannia. Knights of Compassion need not go hungry as Vegetarian options will be available!

The feast will be followed by contests of skill, games of chance and of course, Dancing! Prizes will be awarded to both the skilled and lucky.

As the moons begin to set and the night comes to a close, the festivities will move to the Towne of Whispering Winds for the officially unveiling of Heaven’s Gate. The magical portal is believed to be the first of its kind and will connect our world to others like it! An expedition of Order Knights will be the first to brave the intershardal portal. We gather to wish them well on their journey to a new land as they travel into the great unknown (or to Luna bank if the gate is a bust!)

Openings on the expedition are still available but space is limited. Citizens interested in joining the first intershardal expedition, contact Lore Denin via pigeon [ICQ: 96629882] or seek him in person in the Town of Whispering Winds,

See you at the Fairgrounds!

Melody Windglade – Whispering Winds Town Herald

[OOC] The Festival event (food, contests, games, etc) is open to everyone but is heavily role-play themed. The majority of the participants will be in character [IC] and for those not familiar with role-play may find things a little strange at first. Come out, roll with the punches and have fun, Rp or not we’ll do our best to make this one heck of a farewell party.

There is no “gate” that will actually take you to another shard. Player’s that are part of the expedition will be using transfer tokens to move to the Origin shard. If this is something you might be interested, here is what you need to join the expedition:
1) A player have a transfer token
2) A player must have a character with views consistent with the virtue role-play of Kingdom of Lore being created on Origin.
3) Players do not need to be experienced role-players, but must be willing to learn.

For additional information contact Lore Denin [ICQ: 96629882]
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