For the Alliance!

The sleepy hamlet just outside Skara Brae. (NOTE: WW is defunct, forum kept for historical purposes)
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Duke Greenspan
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For the Alliance!

Post by Duke Greenspan » Fri Sep 04, 2009 6:31 am

Location: Lord British Castle – Meeting Hall (Felucca)
Time: Early morning
Characters: Commanding Lord of True Britannians, Lore Denin
Leader of Whispering Winds, Duke Greenspan

Duke Greenspan walked in the meeting room with a seal scroll, he bowed humbly to the commanding lord.

Lore: Is nice to see you my friend. I wish you find your accommodation in Felucca comfortable. While you may not want to leave Whispering Winds, but I can’t afford to lose my trusted friends with all these blackrock mines around. As soon as we have deal with the foul Casca and secure the safety in Whispering Winds, you will be back to your town at no time… and the wait won’t be long… I have news from Magnus Gray, all loyal citizens from Britannia will launch an counter attack to various locations. If things go smooth, we are very close to strike the shadowlords soon.

Duke: Aye, much I have missed my town, my good lord. Yes, I have head of this news too. *grins* That is part of my reason to meet you this morning, I have an offer to make to you regarding on our counter strike mission.

The duke unsealed his scroll and started to present his idea to Lore Denin.

Duke: As you can see my lord, I have been gathering up lots of sources from Whispering Winds in all these years… all comes in handy at this critical moment now. By running the town, we have successfully collected many items which can benefits our army now. *pointing at the scroll* As you can see, we have lots of enhanced bandages ready, a few hundreds of Trinsic Rose pedal available, and we can even withdraw part of the town treasury to finance item insurance for our alliance. While I am out of track from potions, with some luck, Whispering Winds may able to provide some potions for the alliances as well.

After the commanding lord finish reading on the scroll, he made a smile on his face as he was pleased.

Lore: Well done my friend, while your supplies may not able to support the war operation, but surely most of my loyal personal guards, Order of One , and even our True Britannians alliances should be benefited. As it is suggested and written on the scroll, we will provide all these supplies to our alliances before the battle started.

Duke: Aye, with your permission, I will take a short trip back to Whispering Winds to collect all the necessary this afternoon. We will meet again tonight before the battle started. A few of the local guards are gathering the resources already, and the operation will be smooth.

Lore: Well said my good duke. Please take your trip as soon as you are ready. *suddenly the commanding lord changed his tone* Oh… and may I make a comment on a news which I have heard from Whispering Winds.

Duke narrowed his eyes and nods… he had a bad feeling in a sudden.

Lore: I am not fully pleased on the reason for why Whispering Winds Memorial Garden was burn down…. Your men are successfully arrested and executed the criminals who set the fire, and they are even able saved most of the valuables, including Omura’s grave. Yet, the whole Garden was burn in ashes… I can almost feel Qui-Gon is hiding something for you. He has been working for me for a long while, and I think his ability is capable to put down the fire on time, if not watching it burned out completely… I wonder if you have further details on this… unfortunate event.

Duke: All due respect my lord, I assure you I have already reported all I have learned to you. While Qui-Gon is as noble as always, he can’t arrest the criminals, save the garden valuables and put down the fire all by himself at the same moment. Most of the citizens have been evacuated earlier and we have very few of local guards available in there. Me too, was extremely upsad the loss of memorial garden. With a heart of sorrow, I am shocked to learn that Omura’s grave have been disturbed.. Yet, I believe what we have done so far, is the best option for the town as a whole… The criminals are executed, and we are working on other arrangements to relocated for whatever we have saved from the memorial garden.

Lore: I see… and I trust you as my own loyal subject too. Your family did once served Kingdom of Akalabeth and King Wolfgang very well. It was sad to see your family was famed by Mondain and being banished… Yet, Lord British and his councils honour your family. They granted you back the dukeship of your family and the political immunity… However, I must remind you, traitorously or doing anything against the safety of Britannia are not within the scope.

Duke: Aye, I have learned my place well my good lord. Surely, I dare not to do anything against Britannia. I serve the kingdom with honesty and always answer to your call as a loyal servant.

Lore Denin took a deep breath, and turned back to his normal tone: I don’t meant to harm my friend too. May you always honor your words with actions. Go in peace to whispering Winds, we are expecting to have your supplies ready for the battles.


(OOC): Ok, so before we start the event, I have some purple pedals (STR boost), enhanced bandages, or potions (not sure yet, need to check my storage) for ppls who are under the TB alliances. Once the event/battle is over, don’t log off yet! I will donate around 200k and split it over to our alliance members to cover up some of your fee for item insurance. Well, I am not encouraging you to commit suicide or just go hiding through the whole battle! See you guys in the events. Either myself or Lore Denin will provide the items as mentione above.
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Lore Denin
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Re: For the Alliance!

Post by Lore Denin » Sun Sep 06, 2009 10:16 am

*A Letter to Duke Greenspan*

Duke Greenspan, your preparations before the battle may have been the key to its successful outcome. Thank you again for your tireless work for Whispering Winds, the True Britannians and All Britannia, we are all in your debt.

A few inquires have been made about a rumor about the suspects of the Graden fire being executed. I want to assure you that this is not the case, and the only reason they are not being held in the town prison is because of the order of evacuation that is still in effect due to the presence of the Blackrock Mines. The suspects are being questioned in a safe area and will be sent to the prison in Yew to await trail at the Court of Truth. Initial questioning of the suspects leads me to believe that this was no random act of arson.

It is my initial belief they are tied to the Blackrock mines and are affiliated with the Fortress of Spirituality. I fear they may also be linked to the brigand activity in the area. I will let you know more as information becomes available.

Your Friend,

Lore Denin
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