Merchants of Grandeur [MoG]

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Merchants of Grandeur [MoG]

Post by Kupoking » Fri Feb 05, 2016 2:22 pm

Greetings all !

For many years it has been tradition to keep all "communication" within the realm of Sosaria, using mail boxes, books, communication crystals and message boards.

Now that is the time of legends, the official stance of MoG being an entity of Sosaria only (Sonoma in particular) has been lifted. In an effort of best connecting with fellow adventurers the digital divide is being breached !

I have decided it is time to dust off that old ICQ# and become a member of the forums (here and other well known places as well) It doesn't change the ideals of the guild of being "RP" encouraged but I am more willing to speak here OOC to my fellow Sosarians then within Sosaria itself.

With the above said,

The point of this post is to simply remind you all that we are still here, and offer an alternate method of communication to myself and other MoG members.

I hope to post upcoming event information, and otherwise participate in discussions that may be had here.

You can find MoG at the Skara Brae - Britain - Yew Crossroads - just look for our trademark sign (on Sonoma)


( check out our newest addition to the Guild HQ - Auction safes )
Items on auction NOW and will continue to be updated regularly !

- Kupoking
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